Clickability is AA rated for accessibility, but we know we could do better

We have launched with the intention of improving Clickability as we go, with your help and based on your needs.

So tell us, what do you want from Clickability? Please contact us or comment below to give us your feedback. We’ll use this feedback to continue to improve and make sure Clickability works for you!

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  1. Hey thanks for your comment. I do appreciate that knowing our website isn’t accessible doesn’t make it accessible. There’s nothing that can change that.

    By way of explanation, we think having this tool is really important, and we decided to launch this site as a minimum viable product with WordPress so that we could see whether the community needs and wants it too. We have seen that they do.

    Making the site fully accessible and getting it up to scratch with all the functionality the community has been asking for is our next project.

    Please let us know if there’s anything specific that would make this service better for you, beyond making it accessible — we appreciate your experience and we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at [email protected].

  2. Here are some of the things you really like about Clickability:

    – Everything is clearly accessible from the home page, and easily navigated through the drop down tabs.
    – The colour scheme and visuals throughout the website are warm and easy on the eyes.
    – You can tell a lot of care went in to making it easy to use for people of all ages and all abilities.
    – Really love the team bios!
    – Really like all the different tabs.

  3. Here’s some of the great feedback you’ve already given us to make Clickability more accessible:

    – Auto filling check boxes: Auto filling all sections in the search function means that all unwanted areas must be unchecked before commencing the search. A better option for Deafblind people would be to have all boxes initially unchecked and allow the user to check relevant boxes themselves.
    – Drop down options: Drop down menus are confusing under large magnification as they can appear out of nowhere if the user inadvertently scrolls over them. It would be better if the drop downs only activated when the item was clicked. They also need to be accessible by keyboard.
    – Colour: The colour scheme when being viewed through colour inversion can be quite confusing as the screen changes from black to bright white quite quickly.
    – Contrast: Contrast between background photos and texts on the blog page is good. Photos display in negatives when colour inversion is used so it’s important there is a strong contrast between the back ground image and the text.
    – Menus: You should have focus rings around the drop downs and inputs.