Tristram Peters is a writer, editor, and disability advocate with a keen passion for powerchair football. He currently sits on the sport’s executive board for the Asia Pacific Oceania zone. Most importantly, he’s part of the Clicka-family.

Photo of Tristram Peters, a 27 year old with a beard in a white polo shirt.

When the National Disability Awards were cancelled earlier this year, the Disability Leadership Institute stepped into the void with its own stellar iteration. And it got us thinking… Clickability needs its own end-of-year awards too!

To celebrate the year that was, we’re bringing you the best of 2018. From best accessible event to great profiles, these are the top of the class for the past year. Have we missed anyone? Who are your award winners?

Best Accessible Event

We may be a little biased, as three of our Clicka team members went to the gig, but we can’t go past Dylan Alcott’s Ability Fest. I even reviewed the gig for Clicka here.

As I said, “people attended the festival not JUST because it was accessible, but because it was a festival with a stellar line-up. We were all music fans, regardless of ability or disability. That was Dylan’s mission and he succeeded.”

With rumour of another Ability Fest hitting Australia in 2019, we can’t wait to roll into the next one…

Five-Star Profile

This proved difficult, simply because we have hundreds of excellently designed profiles on our site, featuring videos, images, and accessible content. So many are five-star profiles!

But after a whirlwind discussion (and so many profiles that could easily have won it), we’re giving a big hats off to People Outdoors, whose profile not only looks great, but has garnered numerous reviews. Check it out.

Congrats, team!

Most Reviews

Winner winner. With a whopping 30 reviews, congratulations to MOIRA! The majority of their reviews flowed in last year due to an impressive phone review push, and great contributions to our blog. And look at all their responses to reviews!

For more from MOIRA, you can check out their FAQ to Victoria’s ISP vs NDIS financial intermediary services or their guide to support coordination and what you can expect.

Best Responses to a Review

Again, this was a tough one! So many organisations do it so well. But again, we had to select only one, and we’re thrilled to congratulate HomeCare+ (PQSA)!

Their heartfelt responses are perfect – including those times that they’re responding to constructive feedback. They engaged and listened.


2019 Must Do

In case you hadn’t heard, Black Inc. is publishing a new anthology in the Growing Up series – and it’s about growing up disabled!

The anthology is currently accepting submissions from writers in Australia who identify as disabled, deaf, or chronically ill. Best yet, the collection will be edited by blogger and appearance activist Carly Findlay.

If you have a story to tell, you should definitely submit it! For more details, just click here. More disability in mainstream media? We’re excited.

And From Us…

Thank you to all of you! We hope you had a phenomenal 2018 and have an even better 2019. We love your support and can’t wait to continue working with you all. Stay tuned for exciting news from us – but in the meantime, what are you most excited for this year!?

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