Sometimes, staying fit and healthy is just as important, if not more so, when you have a disability.

My name is Brodie and I’ve been on a mission. For over 12 months, I’ve been on a healthy lifestyle program, learning about all the things that make me healthier and stronger.

Before signing up, I couldn’t cook for myself or boil water on the stove. Now, I love cooking chicken breast filled with veggies. So yummy.

I’m also shopping at the store and cooking full meals at home without help. With a little support, I’m becoming more and more independent.

I’ve changed my eating habits and learned what is healthy and what is bad for you. I used to take a lot of diet shakes to help lose weight, but have now realised that all it takes is eating healthy foods and exercising daily – or when you can.

Activities? I’ve completed the rebound race, the raw challenge, colour run, and so much more. But the best exercise is walking. It’s both fun and peaceful, good for losing weight and keeping fit. 

I’m motivated by the other challengers in the program, who are all positive and supportive in their own ways.

I’m sure we want to know the results too. Well, I used to weigh 115 kilograms. I’m now shedding kilos, keeping my weight down, and getting stronger every week. It’s been an amazing journey. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get healthy together.


Brodie is a participant in the Healthy Change Challenge program, which you can learn more about here.

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