Three years ago, the Careseekers platform launched, with the goal of enabling individuals and families to choose their own support workers and create long lasting relationships with them. We truly believed that by being empowered with this choice, individuals would receive the best support for them and be able to go about their daily lives with dignity and control. 

If you or someone you know uses a support worker consistently, you understand how unsettling it can be when a support worker relationship ends. They may leave for reasons you can’t control – they move, graduate, enter full-time work or undergo a change in their personal life. But there are reasons you CAN have control over. Below are some top tips for creating a long-lasting relationship with a support worker and how the Careseekers platform can facilitate this.

Choose a support worker with the right personality fit for you

Both you and they will enjoy spending time together if you share similar interests, viewpoints and temperaments – and this can be the recipe for a long-lasting relationship.  Careseekers worker’s profiles show their personality traits, interests and hobbies, so consider these when selecting a potential worker. You can also get more of a feel for someone by having a meet and greet before you engage them (many workers do these for free!). Our Careseekers site also has a list of suggested interview questions for you to ask, to ensure a good match. 

Find a worker who lives locally or can travel easily to your area

We all know what a headache transport can be, but you don’t need to compromise on this – you can find a worker near you, or willing to travel to you.  An important thing to remember is not to discount people just because they don’t actually live in your area. All that matters is that the worker understands the travel requirements of the role, and has a reliable way of getting to you.. Sometimes, they may even have other reasons to come to your area, so it can fit in with their schedule seamlessly anyway! 

Create a schedule that will bring out the best in people

Although Careseekers doesn’t have a minimum hours requirement, trying to get workers to come for only one hour can be hard, and can mean you don’t always get the best person for you.  We always encourage users to think about ways they can offer a slightly longer shift (2-3 hours) to ensure that they have a broader candidate mix to choose from. This also increases the chances of a worker staying with you more long-term. If you do only want a short shift, make sure you find someone who actually only wants short shifts (there are plenty such workers on Careseekers) and not someone who will quit the role as soon as they find more hours.

Work out a budget for care

The great thing about Careseekers is that workers can set their own rates and are willing to negotiate based on your budget. If you are getting a plan reviewed, think about the number of hours of support you would like this time around and what this means for your budget. The team at Careseekers is always happy to help with quotes and we can work closely with workers to create a schedule of supports at a rate you can afford. This is a key factor in maintaining a good team of workers.

Create a team of workers

Everyone has things going on outside of their professional lives. The more flexibility you can offer a worker, the longer they will be able to stay in your life. If you can accommodate their holidays, family commitments and exam times, you will find workers who stick with you. This may mean creating a team of support workers instead of relying on just one. They can become backups for each other and will likely stay in the role longer if they know there is always a Plan B.

Careseekers envisages a world where support workers find clients to support for many, many years. You can start searching for your long-term support worker here. 

A bit about Careseekers

Careseekers is the only online NDIS registered care provider. We directly connect individuals and families with independent disability support and aged care workers. All of our workers detail their qualifications and experience in their site profiles and have been subject to background and reference checks. 

We’re easy to use. Visit Careseekers and search for workers in your area or post your support needs with a job ad.  Liaise directly with appropriate workers and find an arrangement suited to you. Once you have engaged a worker, their invoices are sent to us and we will facilitate their prompt payment from your NDIS funding. You don’t have to do anything other than approve the invoice hours. 

Did you know about our Support Coordinator Dashboard? As a support coordinator you can keep track of any individuals you are supporting who use Careseekers, in one place. To request access, click here.

At Careseekers, we are more than just a platform. Call us today on 1300 765 465 and find out how you can start getting more out of your NDIS funding with us, today.

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