Judith and Rudolph Voboril are dedicated parents, having taken care of their twins with a disability for 40 years before reaching out for respite assistance. For the Voboril’s, nobody could come close to the level of care they could provide for their children.

Having approached multiple facilities and day-care centres that did not meet their standards, mum Judith was reluctant to leave her twins under the care of anyone else and was resigned to the fact that she would care for them independently into her old age. 

But following a life-threatening experience that landed Judith in hospital and away from the twins, the couple realised they needed to keep looking. The couple again commenced exploring options that would ensure the twins could stay together and be cared for should anything happen to either of them.

The opportunity for the twins to live in Hume’s purpose-built home changed everything. The home in Warwick Farm in south-western Sydney was designed and built to the Liveable Housing Guidelines, platinum level by Hume in 2016. It is a safe, secure and modern environment that is called home to the twins.

The twins live a comfortable life with the support of their independent living services provider – the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s (CPA). With their home and care services carefully co-ordinated, the Voboril’s felt they could, for the first time ever, relax and let go knowing that the twins were in safe hands.

The Voboril’s met Angela, a direct care-worker for the CPA respite service when they were exploring respite services. They built a close relationship frequently relying on Angela to provide them with opportunities for the twins within the disability field. Angela grew to know the family and was as invested in the twins’ future as their parents.  

“Before coming to Hume, Rudy and Judith did everything for their kids. They were completely self-sufficient. The only thing they were using regularly was the respite service where I worked. I was always looking for opportunities to relieve Judith and Rudy of their twins’ care even though I knew they were reluctant to let go,” said Angela.

The twins, Kerry and Steven, both aged 59 years old, were diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. When Angela suggested a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) property for the twins, Judith was fearful that they wouldn’t be able to find a home suitable to both the twins’ needs, and they would then have to be split up. For her, she couldn’t stomach the fact that one day not only would her twins lose her, but each other too. 

“We had been looking after them for sixty years. We are now in our eighties. I thought that they’d split the twins up because they have very different needs or because of their different genders. There was no way I would let that happen to my children,” said Judith. 

When a representative from Hume mentioned the SDA property that had been built, she knew she had to jump on the opportunity. Located in Warwick Farm, it was central to the twins’ day service and close to the Voboril family home. Navigating the newly introduced NDIS with Angela’s help, they applied for the property and waited eagerly on the outcome. They trusted Angela with the twins’ care plan and Hume to customise the house to the twins’ needs. 

“I knew it would be hard and I didn’t want to lose my children. I thought they’d be lost without me. I was certainly lost without them. After walking through the Hume property, I felt comfortable in having them live there,” said Judith.

The home is staffed with familiar faces, many local staff linked with CPA who work closely with Hume to ensure it the fit-out and any customisations needed occur. From a reverse cycle air system, a generator for emergency energy supply, automatic doors, and fences around any hazards for wheelchair use in the garden, Hume made sure the house was purpose-built to suit the twins. More than that, Hume continues to improve the home as the twins’ needs evolves, always responsive to any maintenance requests. Housing Coordinator, Nasim Naghipour and Business and Property Development Manager, Peter Malone, worked closely with Angela throughout the whole process and beyond, always checking in to see how the twins were doing and if any adjustments were needed to their living space.

The Voboril’s visit the twins regularly thanks to the property’s convenient location. While the couple had travelled domestically with the twins, they had never taken a holiday on their own. They recently took a well-deserved break on a European river-cruise.

“This is something we would never have considered if the twins were still at home. Although we were reluctant to be away from them, I’m happy we got the opportunity to travel together and visit my hometown,” said Rudy.

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