The NDIA has partnered with a number of different organisations across Australia to deliver the NDIS. These partners are known as Local Area Coordinators (LAC). Feros Care is a LAC, working in Townsville, Mackay, the Barossa, Northern Adelaide and the ACT.

The Feros Care LAC team have been in the ACT for almost 12 months and have the satisfying experience of assisting people with disability to understand and navigate the NDIS and actively participate in their community. They’ve seen that participants, their carers and support people sometimes have worries and reservations about working with a LAC, and they’ve created this guide to help put those worries to rest.

Worries NOT to have when working with a Local Area Coordinator

Pre-Planning Pain

Pre-planning isn’t like homework or an assignment, and we won’t be marking you on how well you’ve prepared for your planning meeting. That said, pre-planning will definitely help you get things moving quickly! All the usual paperwork and reports are a good starting point. The fun stuff, though, is to start thinking about your goals. That’s a buzzword you’ve no doubt heard a bit in relation to the NDIS – and there’s a reason for that. The NDIS is very much person-centred, and focusing on your goals helps make sure that you’re the person the support is centred around.

Give some thought to what you’d like your life to look like in 12 months. Where would you like your health to be? Where would you like to be living? Would you like to be doing something in your community? Playing sport? Your LAC will help you to clarify your goals if needed, then work with you to plan how to get there.

Who Are These People?

Working with a LAC ensures you have the information you need about the NDIS, what services are available to support you in your community and your point of call should you have any questions about your Plan. Our Coordinators come with a wide range of expertise and years of experience in the community. 

Just Me, Myself and I?!

You’re not alone in this. Bring a carer, family member, or trusted friend with you to your appointments. Our LACs are a friendly bunch, and love to meet new people. If you’re feeling comfortable, it makes their job easier too.

Location Frustration

Although our LAC offices are bright, friendly spaces – we totally get that some people shudder at the thought of coming for their planning appointments in an office environment. So we can make it happen where it best suits you. Your home, our office, or even a service provider’s location. Let your LAC know what works for you.

Our LAC’s are often at community events and spaces, including local hospitals, community centres and open days. They run workshops and information sessions to help you at whatever stage of the NDIS journey you’re at. For more information, visit our Events page.

Your LAC’s job is to make it easy for you to access the NDIS, reach your goals and take an active role in your community – so there’s no need to be worried! If you’re in any of our areas (Townsville, Mackay, the ACT, Barossa or Northern Adelaide), contact us on 1300 986 970, email [email protected] or visit our website.

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