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What might prompt the decision to make a career change and become a support worker? For Gold Coast couple Nicole and Stuart, two of our wonderful For Care Online independent support workers, it was a case of trusting their instinct, and following an urge to make a positive difference in the world.

In their 30 year marriage, Nicole and Stuart have worked and lived in 5 different countries, traveled through many more, and collectively had careers spanning finance, admin, sales, marketing, building, beauty therapy, skincare, and even a stint as retailers at the famous Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

Through avid reading of books on philosophy, the universe, and creation, they have come to believe wholeheartedly that it is possible to make positive change in the world, and they are determined to follow their instincts “down the rabbit hole” and be part of this change.

The desire to foster children led Nicole and Stuart to completing courses in Individual Support and Disability and it was here they found out about the opportunity to be support workers for people living with disabilities through the NDIS. Since then they have worked with companies such as Endeavour Foundation, Just Better Care, Estia Health, CPL group and National Disability Services.

As Nicole says:

“I come from an industry where looking good, feeling good, and appearance is number one. To go to an industry where it’s all about supporting people is such a wonderful sea change actually. I hope to bring creativity, fun and lots of big smiles to my customer’s faces as customer service has always been my number one thing that I am great at.”

For Care Online is all about personalising the process of hiring and being hired when it comes to support work, so Nicole’s profile expresses her love for travelling and her dog Bella for example, while Stuart also talks about his love of travelling, as well as a passion for finding ways to fix or build things.

Both of their profiles give a snapshot of their work experience, other hobbies and interests, job locations, and rate cards.  And, they both had to provide Blue Cards, Police Checks, First Aid certificates, Photo ID, and 2 professional references, as well as an ABN in order to become approved.

Now? Their profiles are visible to anyone looking to hire support workers in their area!

So, if you’re feeling drawn to a career in support work, you just never know who you might meet, and how your life will open up because of it.

For Nicole and Stuart, they are trusting their instincts all the way, and living by this philosophy:

“Do good things, help people out, and make the world a better place. These actions can bring immediate joy and may even be an investment in your future. You can never go wrong being nice, and there’s no such thing as being too nice.”

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