Olina from Vege2go is passionate is passionate about providing healthier food choices for people with disability. Vege2go is a registered NDIS provider. 

In case you hadn’t heard, you can use your NDIS funds to pay for meal preparation and delivery! It’s massively exciting, especially for participants who might otherwise need assistance in the kitchen. Obviously, the NDIS will fund meal prep and delivery only if it’s considered reasonable and necessary. (For instance, it has to be related to the person’s disability and link to that person’s goal.)

However, when you’ve got the funds provided, it’s an exciting thing, allowing people with disabilities to have the meals they want, prepared how they want. And it’s this last bit that I want to focus on briefly – people with disability are entitled to choose the food that they want. What’s the NDIS without choice and control?

Providing healthy choices

Take us, for example. Vege2go started in 2006. We provide a healthier choice for people on the go – one that meets the needs of more people and, hopefully, the planet too. We supply vegan, vegetarian, gluten free meals to NDIS participants, as well as Mercy Health and hospital customers.

This is because Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world. More Australian are becoming vegan with dietitians expecting the trend to grow as people become increasingly aware of their gut health. But as consumers become increasingly aware, they have less time to maintain a balanced diet with the busyness of life.

As a society, we are increasingly aware that “we are what we eat”. The nature of our diets determines our ability to function effectively each day. Vegetarianism is associated with a reduced risk of chronic illness, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

So, with other retailers slow to respond to this change in desires, how are people with disability able to eat what they want, when they want, if they too want to be vegetarian or vegan? We want to ensure we offer this choice and control, helping people find a delicious food option that works for them! Vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike.

Forecasters predict that the industry for healthy and alternative ready meals will grow over the next five years, as innovation and convenience continue to drive the decisions of increasingly busy consumers, so it’s our responsibility at Vege2go, and elsewhere, to offer busy consumers what they want – nutrition, great taste, and quality. That’s choice and control.

What does this mean for participants?

What do we do at Vege2go? Simply, NDIS customers could use their NDIS funds to buy our foods. We serve both self-managed, plan-managed and agency-managed customers in Victoria. NDIS customers can choose mains, sides, salad, desserts, meal plans, dinner packs, and snacks. They all have a variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Can you believe that we even have vegan sushi and vegan handmade dumpling?!

NDIS Customers can also make their own choices for their dinner packs and meal plans. If you have any allergy about any ingredients, i.e soy & nuts, please write it in the email and we will pay special attention to your requirements. All you need to do is to send us an email to [email protected], stating your order items and delivery date. We will organize everything else for you. If you wish to set up as a regular order, we could send you the order on a certain day every week. Generally speaking, when you place the order today, you will probably receive the order tomorrow!

We are very proud that NDIS customers appreciate our products as they feel much stronger and healthier after being a regular customer with us. Food and health go hand in hand!

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