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Living in perhaps the last Australian suburb to receive the NDIS, I’ll finally start my NDIS journey in a year’s time. And when I do, I’ll need to decide how I want to manage my funding or organise my supports. (At the very least, I’ve had plenty of time to research.)

As you’d know, I can manage my funds a number of ways: I could do it myself, nominate someone to do it for me, ask the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) for their help, or use a registered plan management provider. Or I could do a combo!

For those like me who haven’t received their funding, it can be a tough decision. We’ve written about self-management on our blog here, but who can help with the other methods? Which providers can I turn to? 

Clickability can’t decide for you, but they can show you some of the options. For both of us, I’ve been analysing these options for our latest guide, featuring everything you need to know about plan management (and support coordination too!). 

Plan Management

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At its core, plan management is about having someone communicate with service providers and pay invoices on your behalf. Saves you the hassle, right? That’s the idea, although you may rather self-manage and do it all yourself (see below). But if you do choose plan management, who’s out there? Well, here’s our list!

Simply, these services pay service providers on your behalf. By using such services, you can also hire unregistered service providers. (Not a bad thing!)

Self Management

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If you want to take the reins of your individualised funding, that’s cool too! The NDIS is, after all, about giving you more choice and control. (Hurry up, 2019!) But just because you’re self managing, it doesn’t mean you have to do things solo.

Plan Tracker is an easy-to-use app that helps you track your spending and see what’s being claimed. You can also receive one-to-one training online to learn the finer details of managing your own funds.

Although we’ve shared them before, another useful app is sameview, which makes it easier to coordinate your disability care. They’re currently in beta, but you can register your interest now.

Support Coordination

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Say you’ve sorted out the financials of your plan and you’re looking for a support coordinator. The good news is we have a second list! And buckle up, because it’s a big one. (And there’s even more if you click the heading above.)

Choice and Control!

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With the NDIS, you’ll have greater choice and control, even when it comes to how your funding is managed. I’ve got a year to make up my mind, but it never hurts to explore all the options.  

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