Tristram Peters is a writer, editor, and disability advocate with a keen passion for sport. He recently represented Australia at the powerchair football world cup and sits on the sport’s executive board for the Asia Pacific Oceania zone. Most importantly, he’s part of the Clicka-family.

Photo of Tristram Peters, a 27 year old with a beard in a white polo shirt.More and more, one of the most common queries we get at Clickability is around school holidays: What’s available? What’s NDIS registered? What activities are fun, easy to access, and educational? (What we’ll call the holy trinity of school holiday activities.)

To answer your excellent questions, we’ve created a school holiday category on Clickability just for you — yes, YOU! Within, you’ll find the very activities you were looking for, bundled together to make your pre-holiday planning that little bit easier.

But because we get all nostalgic for school holidays, we thought we’d widen the net and also take a gander at some group and social activities, and sport or fitness programs, that might also take your fancy. Stress be gone!

We know it can be a tough task to find such school holiday activities, so let’s dig in.

School Holiday Activities

Two kids throwing pillows at each other

School’s out, whether for two weeks or the summer, and you’re keen to find an activity to entertain and educate the kids. Well, this is the category for you! Within it, you’ll find two broad activities – school holiday programs and school holiday camps. (Sometimes, you’ll get a bit of both!)

For school holiday camps, explore People Outdoors. They have both NDIS and DHHS funded camps – and for school holidays too! Fancy bush walking, canoeing, flying fox, ropes courses, archery and more? You’re set! If you’re more the indoors-person, don’t sweat, they’ve also got arts and crafts, movie nights and cooking. For even more, you can also look at Royal Far West.

For school holiday programs, we have a few for you to peruse, so buckle up. UnissonNorthern Support Services, House with No Steps, Irabina Youth and Family Support Services, and We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gyms offer a variety of programs featuring recreational activities or social outings.

Between our list of school holiday camps and programs, we’ve got something for everyone. Plus, most of these organisations offer programs not limited to school holidays! Did someone say, ‘Group and Social Activities’?

Group and Social Activities

Two kids hoisting an umbrella on a beach

Okay, granted, we probably don’t really need to explain the treasure trove of organisations you’ll find within this category – they’re simply those services, activities or programs run in a group setting with a focus on recreation!

However, you might find the school holidays the perfect opportunity to try them out. For instance, maybe your child might be interested in dance (*ahem* Diakosmos Dance Academy), theatre (oh hey Rebus Theatre), or music (looking at you Everything Matters Co)? See what I did there…

You’ll also find a host of community participation groups that allow people with similar disabilities to network and share stories with one another. Take a look at MS, Prader-Willi Syndrome, or Downs Syndrome Victoria.

Sport, Fitness and Exercise

Teenagers sliding down hill

Everyone that knows me is aware I love a bit of sport. Okay, a lot of sport. As such, I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t showcase some of the sport, fitness and exercise orgs we have on Clickability.

The big thing to note in this category is that, with the NDIS’s increased price limits, exercise physiology is now included in Improved Daily Living Skills. What!? How cool! So look through this category for all your exercise physiologist needs.

We also have some amazing orgs in this category, including Jeet Kune Do (an NDIS-registered Martial Arts Academy offering programs for people with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities) and Yogability (featuring yoga meditation, hygeine skills and food education). The holidays could be the perfect time to start…

School Holiday Extras

Kid relaxing in a cart under afternoon sun

We’re nearly at the end of our school holiday mega-guide, but before we go, what if you just want to escape with the kids on a getaway or organise the perfect supported trip for them?

Well, don’t leave without checking out our holidays and travel category, featuring amazing (and accessible) holiday destinations and orgs that will do all the organisation for you? Sounds great to me…

So, with our guide in hand, go forth and find that perfect school holiday activity! Easy, stress free, and painless.

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