With the generous support of the Disability Services Commissioner, Clickability is about to launch a pilot program for our first ever reply-paid postal review form. Each of our Victorian subscribers will be sent copies of the new printed review forms to give to potential reviewers, who can then post the review to our office free of charge.

But Clickability is an internet-based review platform – why would we want people to write reviews on paper? At Clickability our first and foremost goal is to give people using disability services a voice and we are always looking for new ways to make this easier.

For many people, creating a profile on Clickability and writing a review online can be difficult, daunting or overwhelming, which is why we already take reviews over the phone and happily set up user profiles for people who leave a quick review.

Once people have sent us their review, we will create a user profile for them and contact them to let them know their review has been uploaded – and that their review will go a long way to help others find the right services to suit them.

By helping new reviewers post their first reviews, we will be introducing a whole new group of users to Clickability who will leave reviews for any of the other disability services that they already access.

As this is a trial, we will be asking for feedback throughout the process but we are always happy to hear your thoughts about the form, how we could make it more accessible and any other suggestions you may have for new and innovative ways to collect reviews.  

“Disability Services Commissioner is happy to support this exciting new initiative by Clickability. We share the same goal of facilitating empowerment for people with disability, to increase confidence in speaking up and having their voices heard. We hope that this new mail-in review initiative will allow those who are don’t have access to the internet to have their opinions heard by a wider audience. We encourage service providers to embrace and facilitate access to this new feedback option for Victorians with disability.”

“We remind everyone that if people want to make a complaint about a Victorian disability service, they should come to our office. Our complaints handling process is independent, free and confidential. Find us at www.odsc.vic.gov.au or call us on 1800 677 342.”

– Samantha Dooley, Acting Capacity Development Manager

Disability Services Commissioner

Yonah Festinger

Yonah is our subscriber support team member and is passionate about the ways in which technology and innovative business ideas can combine to create new solutions for old problems.

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