MOIRA are a Melbourne-based organisation providing various disability and youth services. Below are some questions various clients have asked MOIRA that give an insight into the transition from ISP to the NDIS. For more info on MOIRA, check out their website here.

Change can be overwhelming, and even scary for some, but with a little knowledge and preparation it is possible to embrace the new and look to the future with confidence.

For some Victorians the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) involves a shift in how financial intermediary supports are delivered. You may currently be receiving financial support through one of two services, the outgoing DHHS funded Individual Support Packages (ISP) model delivered by MOIRA FI, or the new NDIA funded National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Below is a list of frequently asked questions for those making the transition from MOIRA FI to the new NDIS financial intermediary service known as plan management, which has been developed to help educate individuals, families and service providers about what the change will mean for them.

How does ISP financial Intermediary funding differ from NDIS plan management?

An Individual Support Package (ISP) is state funded and a financial intermediary holds ISP client funds in a trust account. Invoices that meet the ISP criteria set by DHHS can be paid immediately.

NDIS Plan Management is funded by the Federal Government and the NDIS holds the funds within a participants plan. The plan manager of choice processes and pays invoices by claiming funds from the NDIS on behalf of the participant.

Do I need to complete a service agreement?

Under ISP funding clients are not required to complete a service agreement. DHHS contacts MOIRA FI directly to engage the service.

An NDIS Plan Management provider will require a participant to review and sign a service agreement to begin making invoice claims. This is required as per NDIS guidelines.

Will I still be able to submit the same invoices for my NDIS plan as my existing ISP?

Not necessarily. ISP funding can be used at the discretion of the recipient so long as the services / products being paid for are within the parameters of DHHS Guidelines.

Within an NDIS plan, the chosen plan manager can only process invoices as per the NDIS price guide. Invoices must have a quantity and suitable unit cost so a plan manager can claim the funds from the NDIS.

If engaging an NDIS plan manager you can continue using the same service providers, however you will need to advise them of the switch from ISP to NDIS funding so they can make the required changes to invoices at their end.

Will NDIS invoices be paid as quickly as ISP invoices?

The time frame will differ due to the change in where funds are held. A plan manager submits invoices as “claims” to the NDIS and cannot pay for something until the NDIS has approved it. There are numerous issues that can prevent this from happening promptly. Common reasons preventing a plan manager from claiming money from the NDIA and paying invoices include:

  • The invoice date falling outside of NDIS plan dates
  • The invoice not providing the necessary information required to have it processed
  • The NDIS plan differs to what the NDIA has in its computer system
  • A participants funding has been exhausted for the applicable support area
  • The invoice does not relate to a support area within the NDIS plan
  • The plan manager is not the plan manager for a particular support area

Will communications between me and my financial intermediary service change as a result of the switch from the ISP to NDIS model?

DHHS currently provide funding for reply paid envelopes to facilitate communications between MOIRA FI and ISP recipients.

Communications with your chosen Plan Management provider will vary depending on the provider. Reply paid envelopes are not funded by the NDIS and in most instances the preferred contact method for submitting invoices is via email.

How do I make the change from my ISP financial intermediary service to an NDIS Plan Management provider?

Once a participant has received an NDIS plan, the NDIS will notify DHHS to cease ISP funding. This process can currently take several months in some extreme cases. DHHS will then notify MOIRA FI and invoice payments will cease.

An NDIS participant with the relevant funding for plan management can make contact with their preferred provider directly and begin the relevant sign up process. This process may differ for each provider.

Whether via an ISP or the new NDIS model, financial intermediary services will continue to offer relief from the administrative duties of paying suppliers and providers. Knowledge is power, and we hope the information above can help clear up some significant difference between the two service types and empower people when making the change. 

For more information on NDIS eligibility we recommend referring directly to the NDIS here.

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