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We hear that Clickability’s been receiving a whole lot of questions on Disability Employment Services (DES), so we interviewed one of our DES Engagement Managers in Queensland on everything you need to know about DES. If you have any further questions, please comment below and we’ll let you know!

When should someone consider DES?

People should consider DES if they they have a barrier in accessing work because of mental health, intellectual capacity or physical disability. DES can assist you with support in the workplace, mediating employer communications, streamlined and person-centred target marketing, identifying any upskilling needs, and simply identifying all your strengths all through a one-on-one approach.

Can you modify your workplace? What assistance can you get in the workplace?

Through DES, it’s definitely possible to modify your workplace. These Workplace Modifications are funded via Job Access. DES providers can assist you in identifying potential workplace modification requirements such as ramp access, computer software and ergonomic furniture. DES providers can then lodge these requirements with Job Access to gain funding for clients to then begin these modifications. DES providers can also assist you in the workplace through Post Placement Support, which assist with communication, duties, and general day-to-day needs in employment.

How do you register? What do you need to evidence?

To register with DES you need to provide medical evidence to centrelink via a Verification of Medical Details form and have a Job Capacity Assessment. If deemed eligible by Centrelink, you will be granted a DES referral. If you are linked with JobActive, they can refer you to a Job Capacity Assessment to get this eligibility determined. If you are a participant that receives a Centrelink payment, but don’t have mutual obligations to job search and you want assistance to job search, you can directly register at the DES provider of your choice.

Are there resources out there to help this process?

You can find more information on the Human Services website, the Job Access website, and DES employment plus website.

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