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In a quest for knowledge surrounding your transition to the NDIS, have you ventured along to an NDIS workshop or expo? Or maybe embarked upon an online adventure to find your footing? If the answer is yes, they by no doubt you will have come across the term Support Coordination and its role in supporting NDIS participants to implement their plan.

The official NDIS definition, ‘a capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan’, can be difficult to translate into a day-to-day understanding of what exactly Support Coordination can offer.

Rather than focus on eligibility questions today, this blog post hopes to offer a clear picture of what you can expect from Support Coordination within the first 12 months of an NDIS plan.

0-1 Months

  • Your Support Coordinator will run through your NDIS plan with you and clear up any questions regarding NDIS terminology you may have and discuss the funded support areas within your plan.
  • If you have not already accessed the NDIS participant portal, your Support Coordinator will support you to get set up and begin using the portal to keep track of your plan.
  • Together with your Support Coordinator you will begin to research and contact potential service providers that fulfil your individual needs.

1-2 Months

  • Your Support Coordinator will assist you to review and enter into service agreements with your chosen service providers using the participant portal.
  • Your Support Coordinator will ensure service bookings are completed.
  • Any assessments for supports required in your plan, for example occupational therapy or speech therapy referrals, will be supported by your Support Coordinator.

Throughout your plan

  • Your Support Coordinator will ensure that skill building supports are in place and working well.
  • Support Coordination will empower you and strengthen your ability to coordinate your supports yourself and achieve greater independence.
  • Support will be provided to develop the necessary skills to monitor and manage your spending and budgeting over a 12 month period.
  • Your Support Coordinator will work with you to increase your ability to access the local community.
  • Any points of crisis experienced throughout your 12 month plan can be supported by your Support Coordinator.

8-12 Months

  • As your plan draws towards its end, your Support Coordinator is there to support you to consider your next 12 month plan and prepare for your plan review. In the lead up to your plan review your support coordinator can help you developing new goals and evaluate your current supports.
  • Assist participants to fill in and return NDIS review documents if required

Capacity building forms the core of any Support Coordinators role, providing that little extra jump start that might be required to get you up and running and in control of your NDIS plan.

This outline hopefully provides you with some further insight into the role and will help you make a decision on whether this support is right for you. For more information on Support Coordination eligibility we recommend referring directly to the NDIS –

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