Our Guide to Categories

As an Australian Disability Service Directory, Clickability allows you to search for disability services based on categories. But what can you expect to find in each category? Don’t worry, we explain every single one of them here.

But before we do, please note that a disability service is assigned a category only if they provide that specific support independent of other supports. We’ll give two examples.

  1. If an Accommodation Service provides you with meals only if you’re attending their accommodation, they won’t go in the meal category.
  2. If a Community Access Service transports clients while on community access, but not separately, they’ll only have Assistance with Community Access ticked as a category.

This is so that people searching for services can easily tell if a service provides a specific support.


What will you find?

Daily Living and Access
Personal Care and Attendant Support These supports help you with daily tasks such as showering, dressing, eating and/or using the bathroom.
Transport These services can help you get from place to place. You might find taxis, buses, and also services that teach you how to drive.
Assistance with Community Access These services help you with getting to or taking part in activities in the community. This might include assistance with some daily tasks while you’re out, like eating.
Meals, Cleaning and Other Home Help These services help with household chores like cooking, meal preparation, cleaning, garden maintenance, and other tasks around the home.
Nursing Services These services offer medical assistance and medical care (such as treating wounds) in your own home.
Housing and Accommodation These services help you find housing and accommodation that suits your specific needs.
Interpreters These interpreting services help you with translating between two or more people, in AUSLAN or languages other than English, as well as translating written documents.
Assistive Technology and Other Solutions
Equipment These services help you find equipment that makes certain tasks easier. You can find wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetics, and more.
Home and Car Modifications These services provide modifications to make your home or car more accessible.You can find ramps, grabrails, and more.
Software, Apps and Other These services offer software, apps, and supports like assistive animals – all to make your life easier.
Planning, Advocacy and Navigation
Support Coordination These service set you up with someone who coordinates all your supports and ensures you’re getting the services you need.
Plan Management/Financial These services help you manage your NDIS funding, including paying invoices.
Advocacy and Peer Support These services speak up for your rights, making sure you are treated fairly and with respect. You can also find support groups, where you can meet other people in similar situations to yourself.
Information and Advice These services help you access specific information and let you know what supports are available to you.
Learning and Jobs
School and Support Find schools that suit your child’s needs, as well as those services that support students with disabilities, with aids and more.
University, TAFE and Education Support These services help people with disabilities at university, TAFE or other institutions, with aids and more.
Training These services offer 1-on-1 or group training, including places like club houses and community centres.
Employment and Volunteering These services help with getting a job, such as writing a resume or CV.
Recreation and Leisure
Sport, Fitness and Exercise These services help you exercise or play sport, either alone or in a group.
Group and Social Activities Services, activities or programs conducted in a group setting with a focus on recreation or social development.
School Holiday Activities Services, activities or programs run specifically for access during school holidays.
Holidays and Travel These services assist with holiday or accessible travel options. You may find holiday specific accommodation, programs, camps and supports.
Equipment and Other Activities These activities are all about having fun, such as disability friendly groups, day/outing programs or activity groups.
Therapy and Assessment
Early Intervention These are services for children under 6 years old with a disability, to help improve health and wellbeing or find social groups.
Physio These services offer physiotherapy, which can help you recover from injuries, maintain movement and make sure you can continue to do things.
Speech Therapy These services help you with communication, such as speaking, reading or writing.
OT These OT services will help you assess what equipment is needed to help you with day-to-day activities, including equipment to help you at work.
Psychology and Mental Health These services help deal with things such as depression, anxiety, stress, drug and alcohol abuse and PTSD.
Dietetics, Massage and Other These services offer dietetic advice, massage therapy, and other therapeutic supports, including those with a therapeutic intention such as music, dance and art.
Art and Music Therapy These services offer expressive therapy (art or music). In this category, you will find services that use the creative process to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Note: this is different from music or art classes run for recreation.
Sexuality These services offer sexual education and support to people with disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, services for people who identify as LGBTIQ.
Crisis Services These services offer supports for times of crisis.