Guidelines for posting reviews on Clickability 

Our guidelines ensure that all reviews and conversations on Clickability are helpful and informative. For suggestions on how to write reviews, click here.

What’s special about Clickability reviews?  

Clickability is a unique website! Yes, there are other review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, but Clickability is different because the nature of disability services is different.

Our guidelines aim to reflect the sensitive nature of reviewing disability services whilst keeping in mind the importance of giving ‘voice’ to people with disability and carers. The reviews on Clickability represented a range of experiences and are written by people with a variety of communication needs, some who may be sharing their experiences for the first time.

We make efforts to ensure these guidelines reflect our aim, however it’s not always easy so if you’d like to give feedback, have any questions about these guidelines, or notice any reviews that you don’t think meet them, please let us know! Contact us at [email protected] 

We are not a crisis service. If you’re in distress or have an emergency, call 000.

Content Guidelines


We moderate everything you write on Clickability 

Before we publish a review, our team checks it against these guidelines. This means it can take some time before we publish what you write (typically 24 hours, but sometimes more). This ensures all reviews meet our guidelines, while ensuring you have a voice. We also believe in working alongside you to encourage that voice, so where we might identify any issues, we’ll contact you directly to help.

Our team check reviews before we publish them.


Your privacy and the privacy of others is important. Avoid identifying individuals in your reviews (this includes names or any information that could reasonably be used to identify an individual) if you do not have their explicit consent.

For example, if you’re a carer/parent leaving a review that relates to your child, we ask that you be careful not to identify yourself or them without their consent. Remember, you can use a fictional user name to help with this.

Or if you are talking about an experience that involves a particular worker, we ask that you write your review to reflect the experience without naming or identifying them.

Make sure your review doesn’t identify other people.  

Keep Clickability reviews helpful

Your reviews have the power to influence the disability community. It’s important that you talk about real experiences and examples so that your review is reliable and authentic. This is especially important if you have had an experience that is not positive.

Keep your reviews relevant and the information true to your experience. For suggestions on how to write reviews, click here.

Only talk about real experiences and give examples when you can.

Things we don’t publish

While we aim to make sure everyone has the opportunity to share their experience, we need to meet some standards and guidelines too! Therefore there’s a few things we won’t publish:

    • Swearing or language that may be seen to be offensive, harassing, or harmful
    • Accusations of criminal conduct
    • Reviews that are political in nature, this includes reviews that are about your political view/s or systems outside the service being reviewed
    • Information that Clickability knows to be referencing matters currently being investigated by any relevant authority/authorities.
    • Reviews that are irrelevant to the service being reviewed
    • Other people’s names, including workers
    • Reviews that may negatively affect the reputation of specific individuals
    • Reviews of services received over a year prior to review
    • Rumours or information that is not the direct experience of the reviewer
    • Multiple reviews on the same service about the same issue
    • Reviews of your own organisation
    • Reviews that contain proven factual inaccuracies/misleading information*
    • Reviews intended to harm a competitor
    • Reviews that create an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment (e.g. This service cured me!)
    • Reviews that directly or indirectly encourages the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of regulated health services
    • Other comments that we deem inconsistent with spirit and intent of Clickability – see about us

*This is sometimes hard for us to tell! An example is if you were to say about a care agency: “They charge $40/hr” when their rates state they charge $20/hr.

We may become aware of some this after a review has been published. For more on this, see below: “What if we’ve already published the review”.

There are some things we won’t publish.

These include:

  • swearing
  • irrelevant information
  • other people’s names
  • reviews about an experience from more than a year ago
  • experiences that didn’t happen to you
  • reviews that are not true*
  • reviews of your own organisation or one you work for
  • reviews intended to harm a competitor
Keeping your voice

When we look at your review, we’ll be looking at the content, not the style. We want our reviews to be authentic and reflect the way you communicate as much as possible. We’ll try not to edit grammar, punctuation and/or use of capital letters unless it undermines the readability of the review or if you ask us to.

We’ll only edit your grammar if it helps people to understand what you’re saying.

If you’d like help with writing the review, let us know.

We might make some suggestions!

If you’ve raised issues in your review that we think could be better handled through the Police, Ombudsman or Complaints Commissioner, we may recommend that you take the information there before we publish your review

We might recommend you take your issue to an appropriate authority before writing a review

Other important bits

If you are helping someone else to write a review, make sure that it’s their experienceusing their words where possible.

If your experience is different to the person you’re helping, that’s fine! We want to hear from you, too — but please write your own review.

Clickability will accept reviews from support workers when they are freely given, and not solicited by their employers. We will publish one support worker review for every two reviews left on a listing by a service user or an unpaid carer and add a note on the review which identifies the relationship to the organisation.

If you’re helping someone write a review, make sure it’s their experience.

You can always write your own.

We will publish reviews from paid support workers when they are freely given.

How we moderate

If we notice or question whether your review fits our guidelines, we will do our best to get in contact with you to help you edit or rewrite your review. If we can’t get in contact with you, we may:

  • Not publish the review
  • Edit out the parts of the review that don’t meet our guidelines, while keeping the helpful bits of the review

We reserve the right to apply these guidelines to all reviews at our discretion. This includes reviews that have already been published. If we remove or change your review please contact us.

We can edit or delete any reviews if we think they don’t meet our guidelines.

We will ask you to make edits whenever we can.
If we remove something and you’re not happy – please let us know!

 What if we’ve already published the review?

We regularly update and review these guidelines. Sometimes we become aware that reviews already published aren’t consistent with our guidelines. In those circumstances we will

  • Temporarily remove your review from the website
  • Contact you to let you know
  • Help you edit or re-write your review if you need
  • Once it meets the guidelines, we’ll re-post your review
We may notice that your review doesn’t fit our guidelines after it’s published.

We’ll get in contact if this happens.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback about these Guidelines, please contact us.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us.