Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a burning question that you can’t stop thinking about? Check out this list of our most commonly asked ones. If you still aren’t getting the answer you want, then feel free to contact us. Or, if you just want to find out how to register your business, head here:

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Writing reviews

How does Clickability work?

Clickability is Australia’s first disability directory, created especially to help you find a range of NDIS and non-NDIS registered providers. Simply search for services using a keyword, category and location (postcode/suburb) to find your perfect one! Looking for a service that gets delivered to your home, school or workplace? Just type in your postcode and find ones that deliver to your area. If you see a service with an orange tick (these will come up first) you’ll know that the info we have has been updated and verified directly with the provider. Plus, all our services are ranked based on customer reviews, with the highest rated services displayed first. Because we’re all about disability services recommended by people with disabilities.

If I write something about a provider, will they be able to tell that it’s me?

Don’t worry! Anonymity is really important to us. People will only see your username, which you can choose when you join. We recommend choosing a secret username that won’t identify you to others. Can we suggest Reese Withoutaspoon or Al Dente?

What does it mean if a service has a big orange tick on it?

It means they provide free Fanta. Not really, but wouldn’t that be nice! The big orange tick appears on profiles that have subscribed to Clickability. This means that you can rest easy knowing that we have spoken to the organisation and confirmed that they have the relevant experience required to be able to service NDIS participants. In addition, for any listing with an orange tick, the provider has the power to keep their own information up to date so you know that the information listed is as the provider would expect and that the provider is looking for new customers. It also means they get an automatic notification when they receive your review and can respond to you straight away. This is one of the big benefits of Clickability, as it allows you to trust the information you’re getting.

If a profile doesn’t have a tick, this means the information on the profile has been found somewhere else. We can’t give any assurance about that provider’s experience servicing NDIS participants. The information listed about the provider is also unlikely to have been reviewed and approved by the provider.

How do I write a review?

Great question. You can read our how-to guide about writing reviews here. You can also check out our Content Guidelines for info about what’s good to put into your review, and what we do and don’t publish. Clickability receives a lot of reviews every day, allowing you to make an informed decision when it comes to disability services.

Other people’s reviews

Does Clickability write their own reviews?

Nope! We work really hard to ensure all our reviews are written by people who have actually used the services. We check every review against our guidelines before we publish them. It’s one of the reasons we’re so trusted in the industry.

Do organisations ever write reviews about themselves or others?

That’s another big no no. We take our reviews super seriously and have a few ways of checking to see if a review is authentic (but shh… we keep how we do this secret). Clickability was established to support consumer voice and control for people with disability. We would be very disappointed if organisations were intentionally undermining this goal.

Every now and then we can’t tell where a review has come from and so we also rely on our community to raise any issue they might find with them. The ACCC also takes falsifying reviews seriously and there are cases now where organisations are given penalties and/or fines if caught writing their own reviews, or writing negative reviews about their competition. Please read our terms of use  for more.

Is the information about your services always correct?

Our team looks carefully at all the information submitted to our site, and we do our best to make sure it’s all correct! It’s one of the good things about using Clickability. If you find a mistake, let us know and we’ll fix it ASAP. If a service has a big orange tick next to it, it means that  they keep their information up to date.

I’m a support worker/carer. Is it ok to join Clickability and give a review on behalf of someone I support?

Of course! We want to hear from everyone, from all walks of life. Just make sure you’re clear about your role. For example, start your review with ‘I’m a support worker…’ so people reading it now how and why you use the service.

Tech & costs

I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you help please?

Of course! Call us on 1800 414 616 and we’ll help you search. Alternatively you can email us your search query to [email protected]. Make sure your email contains your contact details including phone number, what you are looking for, where you live and whether your NDIS plan is Self, Plan or NDIA managed.

I don’t have an email address. Can I still use Clickability?

Yep! You can search Clickability without registering your details and therefore don’t need an email address to find great services. We ask for an email addresses to help us verify reviews and communicate with our users.  People can call us on 1800 414 616 if they want to leave a review or need help searching for services and don’t have an email address.

How much does it cost consumers to use Clickability?

As much as a giant hug! Joining Clickability is absolutely, positively free for consumers, carers, support coordinators, advocates and support workers.

How much does it cost providers to list on Clickability?

To encourage transparency in the NDIS, we provide a basic listing for any service provider who requests to be listed, along with all service providers who are registered providers of the NDIS, all for free of charge. We also offer a premium listing that includes access to our brokerage services (where we actively work to match you to NDIS participants), our tick of accreditation of your organisation that helps users know that you’re ready and able to work in the NDIS along with prioritised listings and heaps of other goodies. To find out more about premium listing contact us.

I’m a provider, can I list on Clickability for free?

We love the NDIS and want to do all we can to support it, that’s why we offer free listings for all NDIS registered providers and anyone who requests a free listing. If you want access to our wide range of services and benefits though, we think a premium listing is the way to go!

I’m looking for a good cheese. Do you have any recommendations?

You’re in luck! Normally, our ratings are more disability-related, but we make exceptions for cheese. We suggest getting yourself a wedge of blue cheese from the Gippsland region and enjoying it on sesame lavosh with some sort of fruity paste.

I have a great idea for how to make Clickability better. Can I tell you about it?

Yes please! We love great ideas almost as much as we like soft cheese. Please contact us!

To encourage transparency in the NDIS, we provide a basic listing for any service provider who requests to be listed, along with all service providers who are registered providers of the NDIS, all for free of charge. We also offer a premium listing that includes access to our brokerage services (where we actively work to match you to NDIS participants), our tick of accreditation of your organisation that helps users know that you’re ready and able to work in the NDIS along with prioritised listings and heaps of other goodies. To find out more about premium listing contact us.

For Providers

How does Clickability work?

Clickability is Australia’s first disability directory. We have the list of NDIS-registered as well as a lot of non-registered providers so that participants, carers, support coordinators and LACs can search and find the right service for them! All services that are NDIS registered, disability specific or disability-friendly get a free Basic Profile. Those who want to use Clickability as a tool to engage their consumers and reach out to potential new ones can “subscribe” and get our snazzy Premium Profile.

What’s the difference between a basic listing and a premium?

Good question! A premium listing means you’ll have a verified account, will be featured higher up on the page, will be able to edit your listing, plus a whole range of other things! Read the list of benefits here.

I’m a brand new service, should I get a premium listing?

Do you offer a great service? Then, yes! New businesses get a lot of ‘bang for their buck’ on Clickability, because it’s an affordable way to leverage customer feedback, build trust, and show that you’re open for business. But before you upgrade, we recommend getting a couple of happy customers who can write you a review in the future. That way, you can get noticed more easily by new potential customers. 

Clickability isn’t just for small businesses of course. Clickability works just as well for more established organisations too. It’s a great way to demonstrate your transparency, show you have the capacity to bring on more customers and show off your customer service. As part of subscription, you get separate listings for each of your services – so you can choose to promote those that are taking new referrals. We also work with businesses to collect feedback and reviews to make it even easier to make the most of the platform. Contact us to find out more!

How much does it cost?

We offer free basic listings, but really… premium is better! With a premium listing, you get the orange tick of gold, which makes sure your customers know you’re verified, open for business and ready to receive new customers! To ensure our Premium Profiles are affordable for everyone including our start-up friends and sole traders, our pricing is based on a few things. The size of your organisation, how many services you’ll have listed, and how many regions your service covers. Contact us, or leave your details to get started. We’ll give you a call back to speak to you about your specific organisation.

Why is my organisation already listed?

Don’t worry, we’re not stalking you.

You’re listed because you’re registered as an NDIS service provider. We collected your info from public records and published it to help our users navigate their service options. If you want the info we have on Clickability to be updated, just get in touch!.

Just click the “Claim my listing” button on your organisation’s page to get started with your premium profile.

Why do some listings not have a tick?


The listings without a tick indicate that it is a free listing showing the details of a registered NDIS provider (it’s our way of supporting consumers to have choice and control). All listings with ticks are verified by Clickability to be accredited providers.  These premium listings also give you benefits like a customiseable profile – click here for a full list of all the perks).

Do you monitor reviews?

Yes! We monitor and verify every review that comes to us. We make sure they meet our content guidelines, and not only that, we often ask reviewers to give specific details about their feedback.

Can I use testimonials that I’ve already collected?

We don’t allow you to use reviews you’ve already collected because (a) we want to make sure reviewers know where their feedback is going and can give consent; (b) we want to make sure that there’s integrity to everything on Clickability so that your customers can trust the information that’s up; and (c) we want to keep it FRESH LIKE KANYE (in real terms, we want to make sure that the reviews reflect current practice in your organisation).

More reviews means better information, which is what Clickability is all about! That’s why we’re happy to work with you to collect reviews. We generally like to use fresh reviews because (a) we want to make sure reviewers know where their feedback is going and can give consent; (b) we want to make sure that there’s integrity to everything on Clickability so that your customers can trust the information that’s up. In saying that, if you would like to publishing an existing review from another platform, just let us know and show us  consent to have those published on Clickability, contact information, and a star rating if you don’t already have this. We’re also happy to work with you to translate feedback survey into reviews, create new surveys with you and create customised links for you to send to participants, to make collecting reviews easy peasy!

The good news is, if you get a premium profile, we help you to collect reviews now and into the future.

Will you please take me off your site?

If you no longer want a premium profile, no worries at all!

However, it’s our policy not to remove any listings of NDIS providers unless an organisation has closed permanently. The reason we set up Clickability is to support the development of a transparent, consumer focused marketplace for people with disabilities, so the content is generated by the community.

There are other sites doing similar things in other industries, like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Zomato. Like those sites, we are simply aggregators of information. You can check out our terms for more info on this.

What’s unique about Clickability is we’re not JUST about consumers sharing their experience, but we’re also about great service providers growing and thriving. We help providers collect feedback to improve and match with new customers so they can grow. having the opportunity to understand what people want from a service . It’s so important to us that your hard work is celebrated and even more important that you don’t just survive but thrive.

I’m an allied health professional and I can’t use testimonials.

We get it! And we have the answer. Luckily, AHPRA has said that the National Health Act does not prevent participants from writing reviews about providers on third party websites (like Clickability)! Even if you’re a Premium provider who is editing your information on your profile, you’re overarching content is still managed by Clickability, which still counts as a third party website. If you’re asking your users for reviews, we recommend not cherry picking and using the reviews/feedback to inform best practise and continuous improvement. This will help both you and your customers! We’ve also created our guidelines to ensure that reviews do not comment on clinical aspects of care (in accordance with the AHPRA guidelines), and instead focus on things like customer service, timeliness of the service, and speed of delivery.

My info is incorrect! Can you change it?

Thanks for picking this up! If your basic listing is incorrect, get in touch and we’ll be happy to change it. If you’d like to update your information yourself, add social media links and more details, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium listing here.

Categories explained

What do your ‘categories’ mean?

Clickability allows you to search for disability services based on categories. A disability service is assigned a category only if they provide that specific support, independent of other support. For example, if an Accommodation Service provides you with meals only if you’re attending their accommodation, they won’t go in the meal category. Or, if a Community Access Service transports clients while on community access, but not separately, they’ll only have Assistance with Community Access ticked as a category. This is so people searching for services can easily tell if a service provides a specific support.

Can you explain each of your categories?

Sure thing! We’ve created this handy chart for you to refer to. If you have any further questions, just contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.


What will you find?

Daily Living and Access
Personal Care These supports help you with daily tasks such as showering, dressing, eating and/or using the bathroom.
Transport These services can help you get from place to place. You might find taxis, buses, and also services that teach you how to drive.
Assistance with Community Access These services help you with getting to or taking part in activities in the community. This might include assistance with some daily tasks while you’re out, like eating.
Cleaning & Gardening These services provide assistance with domestic cleaning around the home, as well as garden and yard maintenance.
Meals & Domestic Assistance These services will help you with household chores like cooking, meal preparation, and other tasks around the home.
Nursing Services These services offer medical assistance and medical care (such as treating wounds) in your own home.
Housing and Accommodation These services help you find housing and accommodation that suits your specific needs.
Interpreters These interpreting services help you with translating between two or more people, in AUSLAN or languages other than English, as well as translating written documents.
Assistive Technology and Other Solutions
Equipment These services help you find equipment that makes certain tasks easier. You can find wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetics, and more.
Consumables These services sell consumables or everyday use items, including continence and home enteral nutrition products.
Home Modifications & Maintenance These services provide modifications to make your home more accessible. It includes ramps, grab rails, and more.
Car Modifications & Maintenance These services offer accessible car hire or provide modifications to make your car more accessible. Modifications can include lifters, ramps, or driving adaptations.
Software, Apps and Other These services offer software, apps, and supports like assistive animals – all to make your life easier.
Planning, Advocacy and Navigation
Support Coordination These service set you up with someone who coordinates all your supports and ensures you’re getting the services you need.
Plan Management/Financial These services help you manage your NDIS funding, including paying invoices.
Advocacy and Peer Support These services speak up for your rights, making sure you are treated fairly and with respect. You can also find support groups, where you can meet other people in similar situations to yourself.
Information and Advice These services help you access specific information and let you know what supports are available to you.
Learning and Jobs
School and Support Find schools that suit your child’s needs, as well as those services that support students with disabilities, with aids and more.
University, TAFE and Education Support These services help people with disabilities at university, TAFE or other institutions, with aids and more.
Training These services offer 1-on-1 or group training, including places like club houses and community centres.
Employment and Volunteering These services help with getting a job, such as writing a resume or CV.
Recreation and Leisure
Sport, Fitness and Exercise These services help you exercise or play sport, either alone or in a group.
Group and Social Activities Services, activities or programs conducted in a group setting with a focus on recreation or social development.
School Holiday Activities Services, activities or programs run specifically for access during school holidays.
Holidays and Travel These services assist with holiday or accessible travel options. You may find holiday specific accommodation, programs, camps and supports.
Equipment and Other Activities These activities are all about having fun, such as disability friendly groups, day/outing programs or activity groups.
Therapy and Assessment
Early Intervention These are services for children under 6 years old with a disability, to help improve health and wellbeing or find social groups.
Physiotherapy These services offer physiotherapy, which can help you recover from injuries, maintain movement and make sure you can continue to do things.
Speech Therapy These services help you with communication, such as speaking, reading or writing.
Occupational Therapy These Occupational Therapy services will help you assess what equipment is needed to help you with day-to-day activities, including equipment to help you at work.
Psychology and Mental Health These services help deal with things such as depression, anxiety, stress, drug and alcohol abuse and PTSD.
Dietetics, Massage and Other These services offer dietetic advice, massage therapy, and other therapeutic supports, including those with a therapeutic intention such as music, dance and art.
Art and Music Therapy These services offer expressive therapy (art or music). In this category, you will find services that use the creative process to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Note: this is different from music or art classes run for recreation.
Service Animals & Pets These services train or provide resources around service animals, as well as specialised care for your own pets.
Sexuality These services offer sexual education and support to people with disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, services for people who identify as LGBTIQ.
Crisis Services These services offer support for times of crisis.