There are heaps of perks to subscribing to Clickability!

The biggest, of course, is being able to communicate with the people who write and read your reviews.

Setting up with Clickability 

A one-off set up fee gives you access to set up your listing. We’ll give feedback and advice about what information to include and how best to communicate with your audience.

We’ll also provide you with the resources and support to begin generating reviews.

During this time Clickability also offers to speak to your staff about how to use and encourage feedback through Clickability.

Once you’re happy with your listing, we’ll do a big shout-out to our networks congratulating you and welcoming you to Clickability. We’ll also continue to promote your reviews as they come in.

Ongoing Subscription: 

  • Respond to your reviews,
  • Personalise your listing, adding images, videos and linking it to your website and social media platforms,
  • Update your listing as much as you like,
  • Write for our blog! Tell us what’s important to you and about some of the good work you’re doing,
  • Access to newsletter and social media,
  • Access information about where your traffic is coming and going from.
  • Subscription can also give you multiple pages, which is perfect for larger organisations with multiple services.

Set-up and Subscription pricing varies based on a few things, including the size of the organisation. We’ve done this because we’re serious about providing unbiased, comparative information, regardless of an organisations size.


Ready to go?

Submit your organisation’s listing, or if you’re already listed, just click the “Claim My Listing” button. We’ll follow up with you to find out more about your organisation and give you a quote.

Is your Victorian organisation already listed? That’s because you’re registered with DHS and/or NDIA, and we got your info from public records.

Want your service listed, but don’t want to subscribe? That’s OK… contact us and we’ll see what we can do.